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Students are the focal point of the GGSI universe.We embrace every experiment, mad idea, talent, voice, identity and innovation. If you're curious, passionate, empathetic, unconventional and are cool failure & success with equal elan, then GGS is the right place for you! We encourage our students to tap into their talents & beliefs and astonish the world with their ideas, skills and inventions! We join hearts and minds to create future leaders who understand how people want to be led.
Our students are


Unafraid & Adventurous. Ready to explore everything. Willing to spread their wings far and wide. Our diverse leadership is passionate about transforming education and the world. We foster innovation, equality and inclusion. Our leaders meet challenges on-the-go, empower teams & make impactful decisions. Our motto is: 'In it, to win it!' And we're in this TOGETHER!

Our People

We're a bunch of passionate, aggressive changemakers, willing to undertake any challenge. Every employee is nothing less than a superhero, an explorer, a dreamer-a person capable of creating a better tomorrow. We turn possibilities into opportunities and lean on each other. Our Culture is based on the five values of respect, passion, innovation, trust and inclusivity.
GGS has an open & unconventional environment and our leaders are friendly and easily accessible from an intern to a senior executive. It's an open space to exchange a quick high-five with colleagues, agree, disagree, support, toss ideas and brainstorm at the drop of a hat ! Our people can take time off to chill with fun stuff, volunteer for projects, or upskill towards their dream roles.
We're hungry to learn & make a difference. Laughter & funny business@work is appreciated!

GUS India

Our Leaders

GUS India Ethos

Sharad Mehra

CEO - Asia Pacific

Sharad is a Corporate Strategist, Thought Leader and Futurist. He's passionate about transformative education and youth power. Aligning academic altruistic mindset, new age reforms with business expansion and risk-management analysis, have been a big learning, over last 24 years. Mapping disruptive technologies & markets, leading change-management and driving innovative solutions are a part of his job. Strategy development and articulation, alignment towards common objectives and strong marketing, sales & product background have helped him become a seasoned chief executive.Sharad's open to off-beat ideas, opinions and feedback. That's why he prefers a transparent, consultative but decisive leadership style. He values people who break walls, and possess integrity, wit, empathy, and creative mindsets. Sharad heads a team of trusted, highly motivated achievers with whom he chills over music, poetry and fun stuff. He's also a development coach, published writer & poet, chef and a sports fan. His personal motto is: Break walls and build bridges! Sharad is interested in collaborating with like-minded leaders and transformers, across the globe.

GUS India Ethos

Bharat Kharbanda

COO India

A seasoned business leader and action-oriented, Bharat's professional canvas spans over two decades multi-disciplinary and cross-industry experience. With a sharp focus on the big picture Bharat's repertoire includes general business management, sales, marketing, category management & operations.Bharat's 'can-do' attitude backed with a solid team and a future oriented approach, has led him to successfully deliver consistent business outcomes across diverse organizations and meet business goals. With an eagle eye on emerging market trends, mapping & understanding customer expectations, Bharat encourages his team to push the envelope, upskill, build capabilities and deliver outstanding value to the customers.Bharat is a believer of creating space for possibilities and craft, for inspiring teams to create an impact. He values fairness, integrity, capability to disagree, result orientation and risk-taking abilities and is open to new ways of doing things.A keen follower of politics and economy, Bharat likes to read management books. He's a fitness & an automobile enthusiast and loves going on long road trips with family. His motto is-Mastery is an asymptote but one must keep trying!

GUS India Ethos

Nandita Abraham

Chief Partnership Officer

Nandita Abraham is the Chief Partnership Officer at GUS Global Services and in this role, she spearheads national and international academic partnerships, strategic alliances and corporate relations for UPES, Pearl Academy, Edology and other partner institutes. With over 26 years of dynamic experience across corporates and academia in the US, HK and India, Nandita has championed pedagogy enhancement and student success initiatives with a keen focus on internationality and industry connect, future skills and employability. She has published and presented her research on pedagogy, employability, reverse logistics, leadership, and international collaboration in several countries. Her passion, energy and strong commitment to student success is second to none. She has been a role model for many colleagues, faculty and students and is most sought after for her empathy, mentorship and positive attitude. She's the 'go-to-person' in times of crisis and happiness.Nandita has worked on and continues to work on various initiatives towards the upliftment of women as she believes that every effort in this direction has a potential to make a huge difference. She was instrumental in setting up a fashion lab in Tihar Jail for women inmates to help them learn skills to earn a livelihood. She has worked closely with the women artisans in Rajasthan and continues to mentor young girls through Edjustice India and the Kashmir Education initiative. She has also been associated with SEWA, an organization committed to the women workers of Delhi's informal economy.A keen fitness enthusiast, writer and explorer Nandita is a staunch believer in the power of people. Her motto is: There is nothing more resilient and with as much possibility as the human spirit.

Meet More Leaders

GUS India Ethos

N. Senthil Kumar

Senior Director - Business Development & International Sales

Mission-oriented, adept at strategic negotiations, sales & business planning, Senthil's work canvas spans 20 years. He specializes in business development & institutional building and is highly proficient in marketing management, partnership & networking, education management, education administration, enrolments, international & strategic alliances, project management, business implementation, mentoring, admissions & outreach, CRM. In his current role, his responsibilities comprise business development for UPES and Pearl Academy, including strategy, planning & execution. He is also responsible for international sales for UPES, handling key Relationship Management with Channel partners. Senthil is also a strategic contributor on innovative strategy for business implementation. Senthil believes in 'giving back to the community' and has put his energies in building a rural school in Tumariya Ghat, UP (India) for under-privileged students. Colleagues appreciate Senthil for his positive attitude, high integrity and transparent work style. Senthil has been instrumental in spreading legal education awareness in India, also featured in ISB - IDIVA for helping a Brand to Cult. He was piloting planning and Implementation of the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) in India. He also received recognition from Governor of UP and Governor of Goa for contribution in Higher Education. He is in board of advisory for several organisations.

GUS India Ethos

Piyush Arora

Senior Director - Business Strategy

An astute business strategist and financial planner, Piyush is highly experienced in in advising companies on their M&A activities, fund-raising process, reviewing and analyzing financial statements of companies, focusing on MIS, budgeting process. In 18 years of professional experience, Piyush has worked with several organizations - large private equity houses and corporates covering various industries such as technology, telecom, media, education and other service industries. His work horizon includes India, Middle east, UK and the US. Piyush heads the strategy and analytics team, in his current role. He handles, strategic decisions involving both organic and inorganic growth decisions and financial planning (including procurement process). Piyush was a tennis champ in his schooldays and is an ardent cricket and tennis fan. A keen follower of Formula-1 racing, when he's not planning critical business moves, Piyush likes to follow latest developments in the technology arena. A dedicated professional and a good listener, Piyush doesn't hesitate to lend a helping hand and is hands-on with every aspect of his work.

GUS India Ethos

Ramneek K. Majithia