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Students are at the heart of everything we do. Every student who walks in through our doors is an opportunity to create an impact. And to support these future trailblazers, we work relentlessly with child-like passion, driven by the same enthusiasm, energy & curiosity every day. No voice or crazy idea goes unheard. We ensure that our people have fun at the workplace, take time off to chill, volunteer for projects, or upskill towards their dream roles.


Students are at the heart of everything that we do. We're totally cool with free-spirited, diverse learners, dreamers, philosophers and tech geeks. The future needs a mix of these 'Forever Learners' who are innovative, talented, adaptive and constantly upskilling. We get this. Therefore, we're in the business of facilitating new age curriculums & learnings and industry-relevant skills for our students for our various academic partner institutions including Pearl Academy and UPES, Dehradun.

Global University Systems

Global University Systems (GUS) is an international network of higher-education institutions, brought together by a shared passion for accessible, industry-relevant qualifications. It's programmes include bachelor's and master's degree programmes, professional training, English Language training, and corporate & executive education.

GGS bags second position in India as a Great Place to Work

GGS India has been ranked as the second Great Place to Work (GPTW), in the 'Great mid-size workplaces to work' category in India. The award is conferred by Great Place to Work Institute, an international body which provides 'Gold Standard' certification to organizations globally, based on their employee engagement, high-trust, performance culture by using GPTW's expert knowledge of the best workplaces, globally.

We create a Better Tomorrow

Dream. Manifest. Create.

Every Student who walks through our door is an opportunity to create an impact. A sapling -curious, zealous, ambitious, confused, engrossed mind at work. Almost incessantly seeking attention, needing care, challenging beliefs, asking questions, seeking solutions, creating conflicts, raising hopes.

Who is this individual? He or she is, the best legend of tomorrow, the voice of humanity, the change we want the world to be. Our future

We're disparate goldsmiths, artists chiselling, carving & shaping this genius-in-the-making. If their innovation needs direction, if they need to be heard, if they can make an impact GUS makes it happen. We recognize their immense potential to be the 'change.' We create opportunities, imagine impossibilities, understand their individual needs and help shape the future, they desire. It's personal, for us. Welcome to GUS!

GUS India


GUS leads its people with empathy, integrity and strong values. Our diverse leadership is represented by thought leaders, corporate strategists, influencers and achievers. Driven by the passion of radically transforming education and the world, our leaders foster innovation, equality and inclusion. They lead by example, with a focus on well-being and bringing out the best in their people. They believe in empowering teams with ownership, initiative, meet challenges-on-the-go and innovation towards impactful and decisive action. Every win and challenge are a collective achievement. GUS leaders are friendly and easily accessible from an intern to a senior executive. That's why we have a cubicle free workplace without any doors or walls dividing us. It's an open space to exchange a quick high-five with colleagues, agree, disagree, support, toss ideas and brainstorm at the drop of a hat! Our leadership isn't about authority, but inspiring our people to be more impactful by recognizing the influencer, within.

Our motto is: 'In it, to win it!' And we're in this TOGETHER.

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